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RE: Standards

     I think this is a general problem, not just Germany. It seems that
there are many "independent" QC people around that have to, rightfully,
justify their existence. They do give their clients a better product by
catching the genuine errors but at a cost to everyone else.
Unfortunately this is not only an industry with specs, there are alot of
subjective areas as well. 
There is nothing worse than going through reams of paper, checking - t/c
01:00:00:01, dust in shot (5)    or , bad grading ! who are they to say!
their client probably attended the grading giving instructions.
Another problem comes when Post House A does the job and Post House B,
the competitor, QC's it. You wouldn't believe how many problems there
are in this case.
It would be nice if you could have specific guidelines for these
problems, but alas i think it would be impossible. How many times have
you heard a colorist describe a "fault" as -- it doesn't feel right ! 
Graham Collett
VTR London

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