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Re: Keylink reader heads

Bill Topazio writes:

>Perhaps you guys out there can help us- Over the past couple of
>years, 3 of our 8 Keylink reader heads have gone dead.  Cintel says
>there is no repair service available for these, so we have had to buy
>new ones each time.

With five Keylinks running all the time, we've run across similar problems.
We have successfully taken apart the heads and repaired some of the more
obvious problems like dirt on the lenses and intermittent or broken wires
(the strain relief inside the head is a tight clamp).  Unfortunately,
replacement parts are unavailable, so if the LED gets dim or something on
the circuit board goes bad, it's all over except for the crying.  We've
found that disconnecting the heads when they are not in use helps prolong
their useful lives a bit.

I too have had occasion to wonder why there is no refurbishing service for
these, as it certainly seems that there are enough around to make it

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

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