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Re: Keylink reader heads

So you thought there was no repair avaliable too?...

I got a call from Marti'n at Aaton who said that they repair the
heads all the time.  This was news to me, but she is making
arrangements to repair ours for a cost that is much lower than
the usurious rates Cintel charged for replacement.  I'll let you know
how that goes.  Sounds hopeful.  Marti'n was very helpful.

I also got the feeling that I ruffled some feathers at Aaton for so
brashly posting this question.  Sorry guys!  But I don't think I was
out of line.

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:51:38 -0500  Christopher Bacon wrote:

>With five Keylinks running all the time, we've run across similar problems.
>I too have had occasion to wonder why there is no refurbishing service for
>these, as it certainly seems that there are enough around to make it
>Christopher Bacon

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