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Re: Old Days(Good??)

At 10:06 AM 1/22/1999 -0600, Pete Jannotta wrote:
>We bought into the prototype DaVinci when Dubner ruled at the New York and
>Los Angeles offices of Editel. New York and Los Angeles Colorists did not
>take well to DaVinci when I went out to visit them to encourage them to use
>it. You would be surprised to know who one of the big DaVinci nay sayers

Guilty as charged...still a da Vinci nay sayer.

The original design of the da Vinci classic control surface made for an
excellent door stop. That leading slant nose design worked flawlessly in
TC3 at Editel LA. Remember at the time, this was a post store device that
seemed to work best with heavy oak doors :)


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