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Re: Old Days(Good??)

As long as we're getting all nostalgic, I do remember many moons ago
having to do a series of 2 frame corrections for a 30 second spot to
even out HMI flicker. The job came in as an emergency fix, on a holiday
weekend, no chance of a re-shoot and media booked. Not real hard to do
on todays equipment, but this was with a punch tape Autocolourgrade. So,
load a fresh roll of tape, do the corrections and then pray like all get
out whilst the tape flew through the reader. Man did that sucker move!
BTW, many thanks to all who provided an insight into the way things were
on the US side of the Atlantic, just one question - messrs Sarabia et al
have been mentioned, but when did Stanley Chayka get involved with this
whole thing?

thanks to Aine Marsland and Pandora International for support in 1999
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