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Re: Old Days(Good??)

Malcolm Todd wrote:

> As long as we're getting all nostalgic,
> [...]
> messrs Sarabia et al have been mentioned, but when did
> Stanley Chayka get involved with this whole thing?

Well, here I am again, the "third name" on the infamous patent.

At Teletronics in 1975, Armando Belmares-Sarabia was the VP of Engineering and
project leader on the Palette computer-assisted color-corrector (why does that
sound with a Mexican accent in my mind?). Stanley Chayka was a young
maintenance engineer who modified tha TK-28 camera to accept analog remote
controls for the various parameters, and other hardware. I had been hired from
Bell Labs to take care of the new CMX editing systems (600/300 and later 50).
On the Palette, I designed the digital circuitry, the A/D D/A interface, the
user interface, and wrote the PDP-11 program (assembly code, papertape on a
teletype!) - or that part of it which was "patentable".

So Stan was involved from the beginning, and left Teletronics with ABS to form
Corporate Communications Consultants Incorporated. They showed their first
product at a NY SMPTE open house (was it at Reeves?) in Fall 1978. It was the
first time I'd seen "their" product - it used the same "recycled" GV1400
switch panels for the controls as the Palette had, and the program operated
identically to the ones at Tele. It was something of a shock to see "my mind"
talking back at me from someone else's thing, I must admit.

Just in case anyone suspects direct software piracy, I must include another
anecdote to be fair (while we're on the Old Days theme). At a party downtown
years later, I happened to meet another "software guy" who said he'd only
worked in the video biz once. A coupla guys had reportedly given him a
complete FLOWCHART (no code) of a system, which he was hired to code into 8080
language. He claims he never saw any PDP-11 code, so apparently there was some
effort not to simply carry away the fruits of my labors (not overtly, anyway)
(made me feel real better, yeah, right).

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