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Re: German Standards

Domenic writes:

>Having a video master rejected  by QC because "it won't get through German
>TV standards" is becoming a difficult problem from time to time.  [...]

>My question:  Does anyone know of a written set of specifications in this

Having been confronted with this in the past, I always ask for a copy of the
"German TV Standards" we're being judged by.  I've never received any such
documentation, and after calling Germany (the whole country), it seems that
nobody there knows which standard is being referred to either.

What I was told is that Germany is in the EBU, hence their broadcast
television standards are for the most part the EBU standards.  There are
some German DBS outfits that have slightly tighter specs, but these mostly
apply to the same sorts of things you'd be concerned with in any video going
through compression: proper attention to noise, lag artifacts, enhancement,
and levels.  Again, I could not get anything in writing.

Personally, I think "German TV Standards" is another of those undefinable
terms like "Broadcast Quality" which could mean anything depending on who is
using it.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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