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Re: Old Days(Good??)

--- Forwarded mail from sam at digitalinertia.com

I am pretty much alive and kicking. Please fell free to email me. Also
look at my web site, you will find what I have being doing.  My email
sam at digitalinertia,com and my web site in my own server is
www.digitalinertia.com Even my wife and my son Robert have web
sites. My wife's (Reyna) is www.fineitems.com and my son Robert's is

Pete Jannotta wrote:

> Where is Sam Holz? He could tell us a great deal about the first
> Scene By Scene color correcter that I ever worked on at Editel
> Chicago in the early 70's.

Sam Holtz - CEO/President
 Digital Inertia, Incorporated
 19174 Doral Place / Northridge, CA 91326-1223
818-366-3659 / FAX 818-368-6990

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