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DVNR artefacts

Bonjour everybody,

I would like your opinion on the following.

I'm having an discussion  with a client about overuse of noise reduction
in transferring archives material.
  This is old 16mm films (colors and b&w) that he wants me to transfer to digibeta. The cassette I was sent to use as an example of what they want clearly shows examples of noise reduction artefacts (pixillation of quick movement)

 However, the overall look is VERY sharp and I'm having
a hard time convincing him that although some dust and softness
is acceptable in archives material, presence on noise reduction artefacts
is totally unacceptable for most ...ahem.....QC houses.  His point is that the crisp picture looks better and a little DVNR artefact ain't gonna kill ya....

He hopes to make international sales of the material, of which there is a lot.
Once we start the transfers, there is no way we can change course.
And  I don't want this truckload of film  coming back to haunt me.

Or maybe I'm wrong and being too picky.....

I'm puzzled, and I would appreciate your opinion.

Also, anybody knows a clean way to get rid of diagonal density patterns
on old 16mm b&w kinescopes ? I'm playing with my DVNR and
I haven't find the magic setup yet.

I love archives material ! You wouldn't believe the yearly salary of a top
notch hockey goaltender in the 60s.......

Thanks for your attention,

Michel Lapointe.

thanks to John Palmisano for support in 1999
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