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originality (was: DVNR artefacts)

On Jan 27,  4:41, Schweikert wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] DVNR artefacts ain't gonna kill ya

> Personally, I don't like the artefacts. It looks odd. Dirt is
> acceptable to "the average viewer". 

Given the choice between noticeable digital artifacts and dirt, I'll
take the dirt, as it has a quality the the artifacts don't-- a certain
anatomic integrity.

Moderate amounts of noise reduction work well in telecine, but just as
I feel the concept of "digital" is oversold, I also feel we're better
off allowing as much as possible of an original work through our
filters and processors.  IMHO, dirt is less extraneous to the original
than an electronic artifact.

Which brings to mind the question: does anyone know if there exists a
society for the promotion of higher sampling rates and bit-depth for:
digital telephones, digital audio, and digital (fill in the blank)?

I happened to walk into a local warehouse-type electronics store the
other day and spent some time watching a Panasonic HiDef TV receiving
constant HD demonstration material from the local television station
over the air (I believe 1080i).  When it worked, the image was a great
leap in quality over that of the other receivers.  When it didn't,
which was perhaps half the time-- when the picture broke up into
horizontal thirds, froze for a second or two, or broke up into a
mosaic of shuffled sections-- it was painful to watch.  I can't help
but think of my cellular phone, which as a concept works wonderfully,
but in practice is less reliable and presents lower audio quality than
my handheld FM ham radio transceivers.


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