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Re: originality (was: DVNR artefacts)

>I happened to walk into a local warehouse-type electronics store the
>other day and spent some time watching a Panasonic HiDef TV receiving
>constant HD demonstration material from the local television station
>over the air (I believe 1080i).  When it worked, the image was a great
>leap in quality over that of the other receivers.  When it didn't,
>which was perhaps half the time-- when the picture broke up into
>horizontal thirds, froze for a second or two, or broke up into a
>mosaic of shuffled sections-- it was painful to watch.
This is going to be the major impediment to the public's HD adoption. Until
the cablecos decide to give in and carry the signal (which may be a LONG
way down the road and will boost monthly rates considerably), the vast
majority of HD images are going to go through the air into poorly set up
antennas located in areas with fringe signal strength, with the results you

The little dishes currently have too low a market penetration to make a
real difference in this and are waffling in their commitment to HD last I
read, and except for the early adopters who will pay whatever it takes to
have the latest technology (a very well know DP who lives just down the
road from me just spent about $15k for his first setup), people will be
reluctant to spend even more money to pick up the signal when considering
buying the set and/or set top box .

It will be interesting to see how all this unfolds. We are all going to
spend a fortune gearing up for HD, but who is going to watch it?


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