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HD - Quality ?

OK - so I've a question and what's prompted me to write is all this talk of

What the heck is the point in originating in HD only to have everybody stomp
hell out of it when they need to make it into a "file" for DTV ? 

(OK - this isn't aimed at the commercials people listening in tonight -
broadcast production only.)

Even if you supply quality, the DTV system will just rob bits from the
mainstream as it sees fit.
Basically Monday night football or similar bit hungry material is going to
trash the picture quality over on the Movie Channel whether you like it or

I do not know how many of you regular TIG'ers have seen Sky Digital in the
UK but a bitstream that hovers around 1.2 Mb/s  is not at all pretty. (and I
had such high hopes for quality.)

I am gobsmacked by the notion that the Australians are going to do their own
on HD broadcast as they are surely the only people on the Pacific
rim to work in 625/50 AND decide that their post-production industry 
merits a complete re-think. Good luck to you people.

Maybe I'm missing something else but I also understood that the amount of
originated material in the US will amount to .... 4 hours per week ....
across 4 channels.

For quality I am sticking with DVD - I don't who made the US version of
Fifth Element but they should get an award.
Oh and Rob ? I totally agree with you - cellular phone bandwidth is a joke -
I for one welcome the notion that telephone bandwidth should run at least
5kHz - and yes I would be prepared to pay - I get better quality on calls to
Australia than on to colleagues 3 blocks away !!!

thanks to John Palmisano for support in 1999
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