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Re: HD - Quality ?

On Jan 27, 16:25, Jon Walley wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] HD - Quality ?

> Oh and Rob ? I totally agree with you - cellular phone bandwidth is
> a joke - I for one welcome the notion that telephone bandwidth
> should run at least 5kHz 

(diverging from telecine for a moment) yes, I imagine we get 5kHz on
landline connections, but cellularly much less... I had meant to
emphasize that digital cellular, which is the current rage here in the
US, is generally horrible, unless you're lucky enough to have a
carrier offering CDMA with good coverage (AirTouch in L.A. for
example) and a CDMA phone.  The TDMA I'm stuck with seems years behind
where it should be, but "it's digital" so it must be good !?  Give me
analog, at least I won't lose 2 out of every 3 syllables completely
under marginal conditions, and where half the connections revert to

--Rob  (I am in no way connected with AirTouch :])

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