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Re: HD - Quality ?

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 Dwaineo at aol.com wrote:

> (Continuing the momentary telecine divergence) As a 2 year user of the "fine"
> Airtouch CDMA digital cellular service in L.A., I would have to classify it as
> generally horrible as well. MAYBE CDMA with "good" coverage would be OK, but
> unfortunately, my experience around the L.A. area is that the coverage is
> generally not good.

i happen to own a CDMA phone in mexico city, yeah the bandwidth could use 
a little expanding but the coverage is great, maybe when more people jump 
in well have some trouble but so far the CDMA technology has proven to be 
everything i expected, specially because i did some work with it in college
and knew the pros and the cons.

regards bernardo

thanks to John Palmisano for support in 1999
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