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Re: HD - Quality ?

>On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 Dwaineo at aol.com wrote:
>> (Continuing the momentary telecine divergence) As a 2 year user of the
>> Airtouch CDMA digital cellular service in L.A., I would have to classify
it as
>> generally horrible as well. MAYBE CDMA with "good" coverage would be OK,
>> unfortunately, my experience around the L.A. area is that the coverage is
>> generally not good.

Coverage in hilly country always has problem areas. Complain in writing to
your service provider specifying areas you need coverage in.  Unknown
problems certainly won't get tended to.
I had service with L.A Cellular, switched to Airtouch only because of a
corporate rate deal, wish I was back on L.A. Cellular.  My particlular route
to drive in from Pasadena to Hollywood was more solidly covered by LAC with
fewer drive time "busy system" problems.
Others at my workplace found the opposite to be true on their routes.

Now returning to topic:
    Who has can give us some good links to sites that give tutorial on HDTV,
from consumer level to pure geekspeak?

thanks to John Palmisano for support in 1999
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