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Re: HD - Quality ? - C-Band

Bob Festa wrote:

"I find the Direct TV service to be virtually unwatchable. The quantizing
and other compression artifacts make a simple fade to black a study in
cubism, much less something as busy as a football game. Simply switching
between the Direct Tv feed and an analog cable broadcast reveals analog to
be a much more pleasing picture."

This is why there has been renewed interest in C band receivers.  You can
even by "4DTV" digital receivers which can receive both analog and digital
signals.  For more info., see  www.godwinco.com and select "Hot Products",
then "4DTV".  And, I know you have enough room in your back yard for the
six-footers, Bob.

See you,

Greg Ciaccio
Director, Sys.& Tech.
Anderson Video/4MC
818.777.7999 phone - 818.866.1400 fax
gciaccio at 4mc.com

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