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Superbowl Awards Winners


The annual awards show that we in the states call the Superbowl is over. I
must say from a conceptual standpoint, this years commercials were a
letdown when it came to interesting story lines or dialog. However, I'd
love to cast my vote for best spot to whomever finished the "Oldsmobile"
Intrigue/Allero vignette spot. What a wonderfully polished example of one
slick spot. Long lenses, people, sheet metal, interesting colors...it was
all there. Nice job, please step forward , take a bow, and tell us who cut
this gem also.

Rant mode on...

If anyone was paying attention during the Superbowl they noticed a
preponderance of filtration, pinched corners, swing and tilt, enhanced
products, and pearl white visuals in many spots. Manufacturers...wake up.
We are all not in the DVD feature mastering business, many of us are
creating "looks" with film imagery. I guarantee you that in my commercial
craft, 99% of the images that I create look nothing like the original
location exposure. The commercial market allows the highest telecine rates,
I'm prepared to pay the price for sharper tools by passing on the cost. If
Virgins "Toast" ever makes it to market many of you will be caught with
your pants down. We are all using rubber bands, paper clips, filters, and
DME's to texture-ize our images. Cant this concept of advanced image
manipulation be integrated into out systems today? If you need to be led to
drink, just think of Adobe's Photoshop or sparks in real time. Maybe your
all just waiting for NAB, and your going to blow my socks off with a blurb
on the announce list.

Then again, I cant seem to get a bug free release of what I'm using to
color with now, maybe I'm being too idealistic to expect anything new from
the establishment.

...Rant mode off

There. I feel much better now :)



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