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RE:HDTV Slates?

The newest version of the Evertz HD Logo Inserter software will allow
users to create simple text slates right inside the Windows application.
Slates can be generated using any of the True Type fonts installed on
the PC. The text can be scaled to any point size the user requires and
in any color the user wishes. The fonts reside on the PC and the slate
must be loaded into the Logo Inserter as any other Logo, however having
the ability to choose fonts and access the fonts from one application
should speed up the process of creating slates and allow a lot of
flexibility to the user.  The advantage of this system is that the user
has flexibility to use any font at any character size.

The above solution will work, however is perhaps a little too
sophisticated for a simple slate generator.  We are developing a true
Slate Generator option/feature for our HDTV products that will save the
need for downloading logo's in place of text .. in this case only the
font table will be downloaded to the hardware.  Then the user simply can
enter his slates ... WYSIWYG style!

The Evertz HD Logo Inserter is available today, and the Slate options
are in current development and will be available prior to NAB 99. .....
Please contact me or our factory for further information.

This information is not meant as marketing material, but as educational
material in response to a posted inquiry by a TIG supporter.

I am affiliated with Evertz Microsystems.

Shawn Fitzpatrick
Design Engineer
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
shawn at evertz.com

thanks to Dennis Keeling of Columbia College for support in 1999
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