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Sony D1 Blues

Hi Everyone

I have been reading the TIG for years but never posted anything. Now seems
like as good a time as any.This one is a little off the Telecine track but
still applicable. My question is concerning a maintenance problem with a
Sony DVR-1000 D1 VTR.

We have  been having some problems with timecode dropping in & out both when
recording and playback on our Sony D1 VTR. Picture playback & record seems
OK. Sony local service guys checked the Sony DVR-1000 they told us that we
have  a broken head in the scanner assembly "Scanner Advance (4)" which they
say is used for the VTR's  auto tracking mode and to accurately edit.
Sony also said that we should be able to operate the D1 VTR  in manual
tracking mode and it should
still record and playback OK even though we have a defective Advance 4 head?

" This statement causes a political problem with the management of the Post
house because to repair the D1 VTR is big bucks, i.e. we must replace the
entire upper drum. "

My questions are twofold:
1. Can any engineers out their with Sony D1 tech. support experience confirm
if what Sony is saying makes sense? Should the D1 VTR work OK in basic
record/play operation with this head damaged?

2. Has anyone heard of any third party company or freelance engineers for
Sony D1 VTR maint. and rebuilds, that do quality work?

Thanks in advance for any advice given. Can send replies directly to my
e-mail to save TIG's bandwidth: emercer at asianet.co.th

Best Regards
Eric Mercer
Bangkok, Thailand

thanks to Dennis Keeling of Columbia College for support in 1999
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