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Super Colorists


If you remember yesterdays rant...I praised an "Oldsmobile" spot that I
thought was an exemplary Superbowl spot. The colorist who finished the job
came forward to me with the credits, and I thought that I'd pass them on.
I'll let you guess who it was from the following part of his email:

>I had the good fortune of working on the Oldsmobile spot. My new Spirit room
>has been open for a month, and it's been the best job so far. The director
>was Danny Weisberg of Orbit films. The Agency was Leo Burnett, Chicago. The
>editor was Jan Maitland of Edit Sweet here in Chicago. The spot was
>comprised of 35mm, 16mm, and Tape to Tape elements. It was the dream kind of
>job, one whole day for each format, and the only direction from the client
>was "make it cool".............

It seems our craft can still be rewarding. 
Congrats, great job.


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