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Sony DVR 1000

Dear TIG

I sincerely appreciate all the kind advice with my tech. questions for the
Sony D1. I have a slight correction (because of trouble reading someones
hand written note) the defective head is "ADV A".   I am fairly sure that
everyone's answers are still applicable.

One final question on the subject of Sony DVR 1000 VTR's. Anyone know if
Sony Broadcast in USA have 2 to 3 month lead time on DVR-1000 scanners &
spares? Sony Thailand are quoting 3 months to repair the D1 VTR !!

Just for reference the Post house is Iloura (Thailand) LTD.
My company in Bangkok is the local Cintel & DaVinci agent.
I also do a fair bit of freelance engineering support for them. If
anyone from the international TV & Film community plans to visit Bangkok
please feel free to drop me a line. Thailand post scene is rather small
but has a unique style and spirit. They do some of the most creative work in

Best Regards
Eric Mercer
Bangkok, Thailand

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