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	>> Can i gather that the US
	>>broadcasters are only transmitting HD because the government said
	>>have to, and not because they want to or have a demand for it.

	Warning: Personal Opinion Ahead..........
	Yes. Although in the case of CBS, they seem to think that the public
actually does care. Poor deluded children.

> 	>>What are the domestic TV manufacturers supplying, a TV that will
	>>take 1080, 720, 480, P or i as well as 525. or do you have to
	>>between a CBS  TV or an NBC TV
	The ATSC standard supports a multitude of formats, interlace and
progressive, in different frame rates and resolutions. The decoders being
made must, therefore, work in ALL ATSC standards, and they do. The output of
the decoder is whatever the display device is. And BTW, most of the monitors
being marketed (especially those that are direct view CRT) are displaying
480p ("Standard Definition"), regardless of the broadcast format. I find
this interesting, since I have believed all along that once you show the
viewer 1) No visible scan lines, 2) No analog broadcast artifacts such as
ghosting and noise, and 3) a wide screen aspect ratio, as far as they're
concerned, it IS HDTV. And on anything short of a 40 inch screen, once you
get about 6 feet away, you can't tell the difference anyway.

	Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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