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spectrum (was: HDTV)

On Feb 3, 17:15, Christopher Bacon wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] HDTV

> Where the U.S. Congress gets into the act is because of the recent
> discovery that licenses to radio frequency spectrum can be auctioned
> to commercial interests at good profit to the U.S. Treasury.  Since
> the beginning, the radio and TV broadcasting industry in the
> U.S. has justified its free use

Chris, I remember reading in _73_ magazine back in the mid-1980's that
U.S. spectrum would be auctioned off by the government in the near
future, and that as amateur radio operators we would find it difficult
to defend our bandwidth against a newfound, widespread greed.  Wayne
Green, publisher of _73_, was scoffed at by the ham establishment for
the views in his column, _Never Say Die_; his prescience eventually
impressed me, profoundly.

--Rob Lingelbach
FWC Dallas

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