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Re: spectrum (was: HDTV)

high definition broadcasting is not required by the FCC (altho some
congressmen were taken aback that broadcasters might not emit HD signals).
That reaction caused the nets to be cautious in announcing what they
intended to do with digital broadcasting. What they are doing is waiting to
see if somebody else does something that appeals to the public so they can
imitate it. Granted some nets are implementing new thinking but not on a
large scale.

>       >>What are the domestic TV manufacturers supplying, a TV that will
        >>take 1080, 720, 480, P or i as well as 525. or do you have to
        >>between a CBS  TV or an NBC TV

worse than that the set you owned in Cincinatti and worked great there now
gets crappy pictures when you move to Peoria because of local emission

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