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review of features

Sometimes it's good to review a few things happening on the TIG
webpages etc. for new subscribers and also the more seasoned ones who
might have been distracted lately.

web board:
There is an anonymous (or nonanonymous if you prefer) web board at
http://www.alegria.com/HyperNews/get/ubique.html and there one can
find messages and questions from people that haven't been answered.
This is the second attempt at a web board for the TIG in 5 years and
maybe time is still not ripe.

subscribers list:
The subscribers list, which was written by hand for the first 4 years
or so, became so time-consuming to maintain that I had to drop it
about 6 months ago.  I've been waiting for a new version of Apache
(the webserver software, http://www.apache.org) that includes dynamic
loading of scripting modules, and now I've built and run apache-1.3.4
with PHP, (http://www.php.net) a very nice combination that will allow
interface to mySQL (http://www.tcx.se/doc.html), a really flexible
multi-user multi-threaded database server I built from source (all
these packages are more-or-less freeware, and outstanding examples of
open-source programming).  Anyway, what this means is that soon we'll
have a user-operated database interface to a directory for the TIG
that will be maintained by subscribers, when I get a chance to write
the code.

webpage design:
The designer of the current TIG webpages, Julien Saurel
(jul at alegria.com), is working on some new designs, as the content
outgrows its framework every couple of years or so.  I can vouch for
his ability and it might even be possible that he can squeeze in a
paying project or two, if anyone has a need for web design.  His hard
work on the TIG page design was all done as a contribution.

If anyone has any ideas of features they'd like to see on the TIG
webpages please let me know; I'll try to relax my rule that those who
suggest, must perform and implement their suggestions :].

-announce digest:
The commercial TIG mailing, sent out every few days or so, appears to
be a good solution to the marketing issue-- how to inform everyone of
new products, etc; vendors and manufacturers have been using it now
for almost 3 years.  Submission address is
telecine-announce at alegria.com in case anyone forgot.

TIG admin

Rob Lingelbach     | "I would give nothing for that man's religion
rob at alegria.com    |  whose very dog and cat are not the better for it."
www.alegria.com      --Rowland Hill, "Village Dialogues", via A. Lincoln

Thanks to Blake Jones of Jones Consulting for support in 1999.
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