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Superbowl, etc.

I haven't had much time lately, but I wanted to take a moment to thank Bob
Festa for his kind words and his notice of an Oldsmobile spot I had the
privledge of working on recently. The details were already reposted by Bob,
but I will reiterate that it was a dream job in terms of respect from the
clients, and their appreciation and desire for me to act as a member of
their creative team. The rewards are sometimes too few, and the hours too
long, but jobs like this one keep me going a long time........

On a seperate note, I am trying to compile a list of really cool websites
that have to do with our industry.
Any topic is OK as long as it relates to Production or Post. I suppose with
the exception of porn. If anyone feels like taking the time, send me an html
file no larger than 2 megs. I already have the obvious like  the tig links,
major manufacturers, etc. anything else is greatly appreciated.

wow I really can't spell at 2:00 am........

Best to all,


Thanks to Blake Jones of Jones Consulting for support in 1999.
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