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FW: telecine-announce Digest V99 #6

I'd like to ask an open question on the list since I think it might be of
interest to others.
Regarding the announcement below on the new AatonCode-II and related
software: If we have a client using the new camera, will we still be able to
transfer and sync albeit with lesser efficiency using our version 6.4
software, or, as I read it, will we be incapable of decoding the AatonCode?

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, San Francisco
cbgaines at inreach.com

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 06:18:49 -0600
From: jp <jp at aaton.com>
To: "TaG" <telecine-announce at alegria.com>
Subject: New Keylink software for AatonCode-II
Message-Id: <199902081218.NAA13052 at front5.grolier.fr>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"

Feb 1 99 Aaton released the new AatonCode-II time recording
system in its XTRprod cameras; it will progressively
be retrofitted in Panavision, Moviecam and other camera
manufacturers' AatonCoders.

______________________________________ BENEFITS AT TELECINE
1- AatonCode-II accuracy is better than a 1/10th of a frame,
i.e. better than clapsticks which are within a 1/2 frame,
and ten times better than AatonCode-I.
2- The film camera speed is encoded to the 1/100 of a frame;
this allows the colorist to see the difference between 29.97
fps and 30 even if the production forgets to tell him.
3- The new matrix CRC of AatonCode-II eliminates false
readings due to under and overexposed matrixes or edge
fogging, and speeds up initial readings for a faster head of
take time capture.
4- Film magazine IDs appears in the database (quite useful to
trace back a mag problem in a twenty mag multicamera show).

__________________________ AATONCODE-II read by V6.7 KEYLINKS
To read the totally different AatonCode-II matrixes with
existing reader heads, Keylinks should receive the new
AatonCode-I/II software delivered with version 6.7.
Facilities under hotline programme automatically receive
V 6.7 by e-mail.  Other facilities can either re-subscribe to
get for free both V 6.7 and the post-NAB 'graphic user interface'
version, or they may prefer to only buy V 6.7 for about half
the maintenance programme cost.

V 6.7 runs in i486 and i586 PCs, and guarantees Y2K

Thanks to Blake Jones of Jones Consulting for support in 1999.
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