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Re: TIG administration (MS Exchange)

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999 10:50:44 -0600, you wrote:
>I offer the following example of a recent flood of bounce diagnostics
>received here from a host running Microsoft Exchange:
>I could continue, but just wanted to point out that system
>administration is made extremely difficult when software does not
>follow internet standards, and writes its own.  (ref: IETF RFC 821)
Warning: HUGE rant and rave mode engaged.

There must be something you're not getting. The people at Microsoft who
want to know where you want to go today ALWAYS adhere to published
standards, unless of course they find it inconvenient, or arbitrarily have
other things in mind which they wish to ram down your throat.

They seem incapable of sticking to standards they've defined themselves.
Have a look at the 'file open' dialog boxes in the Office suite. Isn't it
remarkable that they don't conform to their own published standards for how
common dialogs should look consistent across Windows applications?

Clearly, they will tell you what the standards are, and you will like it.
At least for a while. Can anyone say "hubris?"

PS to my buddies at MS:  Nice video demo in court last week, boys and
girls. Really. Must be tough to have to engage in battle for the first time
with someone who has more resources and juice than you do, and who won't be

Also, I was going to mention that I read recently about a new drug that
helps return fading memory in people who suffer from that malady. Based on
the parts of his deposition which have thus far been made public, maybe
Bill should check into that, in case he needs to have another deposition
taken later, when all those other lawsuits finally reach the courts.

Rant and rave mode OFF.

It's Sunday. I'm going to go walk the dog. Y'all have a pleasant week, now,
you hear?


Bob Kertesz
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