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BBC Delivery Standards

To the TIG:

An Interesting document for all those delivering international
programming is available from the BBC Web site.  As I understanding it,
the  programming being broadcast in the UK is being shown in a 14 x 9
aspect ratio.  As shown on 4 x 3 analog broadcasts the picture will have
a small black border at the top and bottom of the screen.  And on the 16
x 9 displays the picture will  fill the vertical height of the display
and the horizontal width of the picture will fill more of the screen
than a 4 x 3 image displayed on a 16 x 9 screen.

Work has begun by SMPTE to document this practice.  This 14 x 9
production is meant to be an interim standard for broadcast to both the
4 x3 and 16 x 9 transmission systems.
It is a good compromise rather than trying to produce two versions of
all production elements.  I think that this will catch on in the US.
Any comments from the TIG members in the UK?  WEB address below.  Just
use link indicated.  The older analogue standard is also listed.

Regards, Bill


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