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Film question

To the TIG:

Has any of you ever tried to lay down side by side one piece of acetate film and one piece of Estar base film? Every time we do, we always end up with a difference of one whole sprocket every 3 or 4 feet (we're talking 35mm). Our Ursa equipped with Jump Free seems to handle this difference quite easily, but we had to program a special gate on our Metaspeed to avoid repetitive telecine jumps.

We talked about this to the film manufacturer, and they told us it's impossible since both acetate and Estar go though the same sprocket cutters. Then, would the difference be created during the processing? Or the cleaning? Are we the only ones facing this problem? (Which is by the way not a problem anymore...)

My intention here is not to blame anyone. Only want to find out what's going on...

Serge Robert
AstralTech, Montreal
E-mail: srobert at astral.com

Thanks to Bill Hogan of Sprocket Digital for support in 1999.
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