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Re: Microsoft bashing

On Feb 15, 11:12, Jim Lindelien wrote:
} Subject: [TIG] Microsoft bashing

> Given how serverely Rob restricts usage of the TIG to prevent commericial 
> pronoucements, I for one am always struck at how quickly he flames 
> Microsoft.  Can you really have it both ways?
> I have always said that if you think Microsoft is unfair, buy their stock 
> to make up for it.  For, donate it to charity--maybe a UNIX one.

Jim, first of all I'll try not to take your pronouncement about my
intentions and actions as a flame, but it's difficult.

First, let me mention that I run the TIG in what spare time I have.
That means that I must understand and react to system administration
issues, which have everything to do with the internet and its
mail-handling protocols.  I have every reason to try to influence
people away from products that make my life more difficult.  I try to
do this privately; however, if you buy products that confound my
ability to run the TIG, then I reserve the right to air these issues
on the TIG, particularly as they apply to the mechanisms of a
mailinglist and associated archival, retrieval, html-translating, and
digesting software.  

Second, and this is a highly personal opinion, the world would be a
much better place if we could educate ourselves away from greed, as
our prime motivation.

TIG admin

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