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Re: BBC Delivery Standards


> Work has begun by SMPTE to document this practice.  This 14 x 9
> production is meant to be an interim standard for broadcast to both the
> 4 x3 and 16 x 9 transmission systems.
> It is a good compromise rather than trying to produce two versions of
> all production elements.  I think that this will catch on in the US.
> Any comments from the TIG members in the UK?

Well, I'm not in the UK, but spent time there, and plan to again. But as for
the US, I sure hope they have more sense than this. Like, "A new standard
coming soon? - Let's broadcast in a separate, non-standard standard between
the two!" sounds pretty whacko to me. (But then, I've often been accused of
being too much of a purist.) I think a one-step transition from 4x3 to 16x9,
with nothing between, is most reasonable. This "interim standard" strikes me
as more of a kludge than a "reasonable compromise".
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