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Re: BBC Delivery Standards


> As I understanding it,
> the  programming being broadcast in the UK is being shown in a 14 x 9
> aspect ratio.
> This 14 x 9
> production is meant to be an interim standard for broadcast to both the
> 4 x3 and 16 x 9 transmission systems.
> It is a good compromise rather than trying to produce two versions of
> all production elements.

OK, I apologize for my prior over-reacting post. I reacted to the way the
practice was described in the previous message instead of reading the BBC doc
myself. The way I read the document, it specifies a 14x9 SAFE ACTION area for
widescreen production, and a 4x3 SAFE GRAPHICS area for the same. This does
NOT mean they broadcast action programming in 14x9, nor graphics programming
in 4x3; it seems they'll be broadcasting in 16x9 and/or 4x3, and they're
willing to risk losing a portion of the widescreen action, but none of the
graphics when broadcasting in 4x3, while wasting some of the extra screen area
in 16x9 transmission.

So I guess I retract the "kludge" remark, as it's apparently just a precaution
against losing material in the early days when 16x9 transmission can't be
relied upon everywhere.


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