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Re:BBC Delivery Standards

Robert Lund wrote:
>The way I read the document, it specifies a 14x9 SAFE ACTION area for
widescreen production, and a 4x3 SAFE GRAPHICS area for the same. This does
NOT mean they broadcast action programming in 14x9, nor graphics programming
in 4x3; it seems they'll be broadcasting in 16x9 and/or 4x3, and they're
willing to risk losing a portion of the widescreen action, but none of the
graphics when broadcasting in 4x3, while wasting some of the extra screen
area in 16x9 transmission.

Sorry Robert, but wrong. As someone who does work for a UK
producer/broadcaster (not BBC) I can tell you your worst fears are true. The
programmes are shot on film (or tape) as 16:9 with a 14:9 action safe area.
They are "zoomed" on transmission to the compromise of 14:9 for the analogue
service. On the digital transmission service they are shown 16:9 on
Widescreen sets but zoomed to 4:3 for people with regular square TV's hence
the need for 4:3 graphic safe. Additionally you have to consider
international sales which are generally 4:3.
Confused you should be, and yes it's a minefield framing-wise.
It would be great to switch over to 16:9 overnight, but the public would be
none too pleased I bet at being forced to buy a new TV the next day.

neil.parker at virgin.net

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