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Advice for SCC and Rank MKIII-C Digi 4.

   I have some questions that I hope you TIG can answer for me, I have a Telecine Rank Cintel MKIII-C Digiscan4 working with Amigo CC and Prism SCC, Prism is having noise and can not load corrections on memory, For that reason, we are looking for an alternate CC like Davinci but some engineer told me that Davinci is a post-store CC, conversely to Amigo+Prism that is pre-store, Is that true? There is anhoter Color Corrector that can achieve pre-store color correction. On the other hand, can we found some spare parts for Amigo CC like CRT and front panel Switches+Lenses? ; also information about Prism SCC to solve memory problem (remote panel memory). 
    Please let mr know all information available at adsantos at mvs.com.mx
    Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks to Lynette Duensing for support in 1999.
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