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Re: Advice for SCC and Rank MKIII-C Digi 4.

>>[...]  we are looking for an alternate CC like Davinci but some engineer
told me that Davinci is a post-store >>CC, conversely to Amigo+Prism that is
pre-store, Is that true? There is anhoter Color Corrector that can >>achieve
pre-store color correction. On the other hand, [...]

Hi Arturo,

Older analog daVincis (the "Classic" and the "Rennaissance") can operate
either pre-store or post-store depending on how they are installed.  Just be
aware if you buy one with intentions of using it pre-store, the input board
is specific to the telecine--e.g. it will be a "Rank" board or a "FDL"
board, and you will need the correct one.  Technically, the "Classic" and
the "Rennaissance" are similar, but the latter was put together a lot
better.  All of daVinci's digital color correctors are designed to be used
post-store only.

The analog Corporate Communications "Sunburst" series of color correctors
were also usually operated pre-store.

There was a lot of rationale for pre-store color correctors before we had
fast DSP and cheap memory, but I don't think anybody misses them much in
this day and age.

Good luck,
Christopher Bacon

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