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Re: Advice for SCC and Rank MKIII-C Digi 4.

>From: "Christopher Bacon" <KA2IQB at worldnet.att.net>
> There was a lot of rationale for pre-store color correctors before we had
> fast DSP and cheap memory, but I don't think anybody misses them much in
> this day and age.
Leaving aside older analogue equipment for the moment.

The case for pre store correctors is now back with us as it frees the
corrector with dealing with different output standards.
A corrector working pre-store is freed from field issues and can qualify at
the maximum scanned resolution both in terms of spacial resolution and bit
depth. Megadef works before spacial interpolation on a Spirit. C-Reality's
built in CVIP corrector is pre-store.

The reason the old correctors were offered pre-store was to avoid noise by
taking the signal before digitisation and staying in the analog domain. They
were/are analog boxes. The signal was then fed back to the telecine store
for digitisation. If installed Post store the analog corrector would need an
A-D on its output to provide a 601 output etc.

Paul Grace

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