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Rob wrote,

>Second, and this is a highly personal opinion, the world would be a
>much better place if we could educate ourselves away from greed, as
>our prime motivation.
>TIG admin

Great idea in principle, bad economics and human nature in reality, and 
almost guaranteed to be a less efficient investment of capital overall. 
 So, how many colorists and engineers are willing to cut their salaries by, 
say, 50%?  I've never once heard anybody complain that they are overpaid in 
this business.  Somehow, it's only greed if it's somebody else's situation. 
 Why have UNIX system prices become so much more affordable in recent 

I am aware that Microsoft does a poor job of implementing to standards, and 
their first release of anything often sucks, but I also know they primarily 
hire straight out of college, where every graduate thinks he/her has a 
better idea and doesn't want to know what anybody else thinks.  It's an 
attitude thing that goes with the territory.  For what it's worth I get 
just as many patch CD's for my SGI system, but somehow nobody is flaming 

I know it's politically correct to hate Microsoft these days, so enough of 
this thread.  Now I'll await all the flames my way...maybe life was getting 


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