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Re: Advice for SCC and Rank MKIII-C Digi 4.

Hi Paul,

>The case for pre store correctors is now back with us as it frees the
>corrector with dealing with different output standards.
>A corrector working pre-store is freed from field issues and can qualify at
>the maximum scanned resolution both in terms of spacial resolution and bit
>depth. Megadef works before spacial interpolation on a Spirit. C-Reality's
>built in CVIP corrector is pre-store.

I did not mean to imply that pre-store correctors offer no advantages in
some current digital systems.  Only that replacing one old analog color
corrector with another one for the purpose of keeping a Mark 3C suite that
way has not been the trend for many facilities.

>The reason the old correctors were offered pre-store was to avoid noise by
>taking the signal before digitisation and staying in the analog domain.
>were/are analog boxes. The signal was then fed back to the telecine store
>for digitisation. If installed Post store the analog corrector would need
>A-D on its output to provide a 601 output etc.

As I recall, the point to putting the corrector pre-store in the older
machines was to get the color processing done before the filtering and YUV
matrixing that occurs before and after the frame storage.  It also
simplified the problems of keeping the correction timing consistent.  It was
(and still is) possible to connect any analog RGB color corrector to the
analog RGB outs of a Digiscan--until Digi IV there was no 601 output--but
with the older stores, the results were generally not as good as with a
pre-store set-up.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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