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Re: BBC Delivery Standards

John Sprung wrote:

> Actually, Robert, you were right the first time.
> 14x9 is a dismal kludge.  The problem is that TV sets of both
> aspect ratios have to be served with the same programs.  The
> best way I've found to do that is to work entirely in 1.33:1,
> and after the show is done, extract 1.78 from within it using
> a tape to tape tilt and scan pass.  I'll be busy for the next
> couple weeks, but thereafter I can show and tell how it works.

>From reading the actual BBC article, I don't think 14x9 TV sets are
anticipated - they only mention use of a 14x9 PICTURE SAFETY area for
production. Seems like a cautious measure designed to avoid too much
widescreen picture truncation on 4x3 sets. If I read it right.
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