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RE: BBC Delivery Standards

	John Sprung wrote:
	> 14x9 is a dismal kludge.  The problem is that TV sets of both
	> aspect ratios have to be served with the same programs.

The real problem is that _viewers_ with both types of TV have to be served
with the same set of programs.  Left to engineers, there'd be no problems
here at all.  ;-)

But some viewers don't like letterbox, and some don't like cropping, so
IMHO, a kludge that leaves minimal black lines top and bottom on 4x3 and
minimal cropping on 16x9 should keep both parties quiet.  Especially when
the compromises are of the same order of magnitude as the
underscanning/TV-essential compromise that doesn't seem to rattle anyone.

  Dominic Case
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