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About 14x9 versus 4x3

This discussion about 16x9 delivery brought back a rather
painful/funny memory.

Feature film was shot in super 16 and blown up in 35mm but keeping
the 16x9 ratio on the print.
This film was transferred in NTSC and since the requirement was
full frame 4x3, we zoomed in at the transfer, losing part of each side.

When distributor made a sale to France, they turned around
and created a "16x9" master by transcoding the film transfer
and smashing black bars on top and bottom, reducing the picture again. !!!!!!
You can not chop a picture more than that. :-(
We did some tilt and scan, more to save the subtitles than anything else...

Tape was refused and in the end, everybody came back to their senses
and we went back to the original  film...

I keep walking in fear of the director getting a hold of that old PAL
tape and having a heart attack.

Michel Lapointe

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