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Re:BBC Delivery Standards

At 19:59 16/02/99 , Neil Parker wrote:

>Confused you should be, and yes it's a minefield framing-wise.

And the BBC are no less confused.

I shot the Christmas Idents for BBC1, we shot 16*9 on Super 35, it took a
while to get the 16*9 decision in the first place.

Then in TK we transferred everything bearing 16*9 in mind but not masking
at that stage so that in Inferno they'd be able to move up and down the
image and reposition things, there was a lot of post in this.

I then heard that they'd gone back and re-transferred everything in 16*9
but anamorphicaly squeezed.

They were then transmitted 4*3 on regular TV and 16*9 on digital.

They looked cramped and badly framed at 4*3, 14*9 would have he pled.

The point is that at no time did they feel capable of making a decision re


Geoff Boyle

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