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RE - SCC thread

> Our
> diamond is currently looking at 68db (measured a while back)
>  Graham Collett
>  VTR

I was refering to davinci implementation which is a full blown colour
corrector with secondary correction. The placement of such devices is
different to units such as
Cintels old SCC which was closely coupled to the analog input matrix in the
frame store. Another consideration is for tape to tape work.
Even a pre-store davinci can be configured to switch from pre-store to tape
My point though, was that there are areas of the signal chain that are at a
higher spacial quality and bit depth that corrector manufacturers can take
advantage of in the future. Hence Pandora's Megadef implementation.
Closely coupling the corrector will give the maximum quality input and
flexibility between standards.
Signal to noise measurements are relative to the bit depth of the signal.
What does your Spirit measure?
Paul Grace

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