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RE: Advice for SCC and Rank MKIII-C Digi 4.

> I was refering to davinci implementation which is a full blown colour
> corrector. The placement of such devices is different to units such as
> Cintels old SCC.
	Accepted, yes, I was assuming that you meant colour correction
in general as opposed secondaries. As soon as the secondaries superceded
the RCA/Cintel level then it didn't matter so much where they went. . As
you rightly state, now it does matter again
	Does your 2K drive the C-realities front end correction or do
it's own thing...or both.

> What does your Spirit measure?
	I'll have to dig around a bit for those figures but from what i
can remember it was low 60's on all colours and luminance. 


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