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Re: Exchange problem (Microsoft Bashing)

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:09:39 -0800, you wrote:
>I think it reflects a deep flaw in the American character that we always attack those 
>who are most successful.  This is plain old envy, pure and simple.
A discourse on the publicly know facts (and the revelations that have
surfaced at the trial so far) is useful.

Making the largest thrust of your defense of Microsoft be "you're just
envious of their success" is not.

Additionally, you seem to have confused the dropping cost of hardware with
the rising cost of Microsoft operating system software. When buying a
machine from Dell or Gateway or Micron or Compaq or HP, that fabulous bang
for the buck consumers get comes from the drop in hardware prices over the
last five years, not from the drop in cost of the mandatory Microsoft
software bundle. The single largest component cost to these manufacturers
on lower end machines is now the software bundle Microsoft rams down their
throats at the same or higher prices they were charging five years ago.

Aside from the Microsoft operating system software, what other component of
the typical desktop machine used in homes or business can you name that
costs more than it did five years ago?  There is none. Why would you
imagine that is?  Because Bill is such a philanthropist?

Why don't you try this: call any of the above mentioned companies, and try
to order a machine from them without any Microsoft software. Just tell them
you don't want any flavor of Windows installed on the machine, and you'd
like a corresponding reduction in the price of the package. Not only will
they not sell you a machine without Microsoft software installed, they will
warn you that installing an OS other than the one that came bundled with
the machine is unsupported and done at your own risk.

If you went to buy a new car next week, and were told by every dealer of
every manufacturer that no matter which car you bought you could only get
it with Goodyear tires, and that they wouldn't sell you the car without
tires, and that the tires which you didn't even want accounted for between
five and fifteen percent of the total cost of the car, would you defend
Goodyear as vehemently? Or would you be at the head of the mob of angry
villagers, wielding that burning bullrush, storming the Goodyear castle?

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