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Re: Re: Exchange problem (Microsoft Bashing)

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bob at bluescreen.com wrote:

> Why don't you try this: call any of the above mentioned companies, and try
> to order a machine from them without any Microsoft software. Just tell them
> you don't want any flavor of Windows installed on the machine, and you'd
> like a corresponding reduction in the price of the package.

Actually, I did just that a month or so ago for a client who is running Linux.
Compaq had no problem selling me the desired machines without any windows on
Granted the price reduction was a whopping 28 bucks, but it was not a problem

> If you went to buy a new car next week, and were told by every dealer of
> every manufacturer that no matter which car you bought you could only get
> it with Goodyear tires, a

Have you tried to buy a car with other than the OEM tires?  Ain't gonna
On sure, the dealer might take them off for you and put something else on, but
you aren't
going to get a refund for what came on the vehicle.  But a Ford, get
that's the deal, and if you want Michelin you'll have to pay for them and 
have them installed yourself. And no, Ford is not going to support them.

Of course, you could always run Mac OS...

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