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Re: Re: Exchange problem (Microsoft Bashing)

Along the lines of the Rolls of yesteryear that reputedly had their
engines sealed by the factory and were only opened by factory authorized 
dealers?...  (I suppose I could always duct tape the hood of my BMW M3

Seriously though, take the OBDII diagnostics systems that are required in all
cars and light trucks from 1996 on as a case in point. These systems use
proprietary diagnostic data and ports that the vehicle manufacturers do not
divulge to other parties,
thus insuring that it is extremely difficult for the likes of Sun and others
to produce competing diagnostic tools without extensive reverse engineering,
and further insuring that it is very expensive for the independents to compete
with the dealers because of the resultant cost of these necessary tools.


Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> engine of your car.  Closed Source, the Microsoft model of OS, is like
> having the hood of the car welded shut:  it had better be an
> extremely good engine, perhaps that of a fine German automobile.

Thanks to Evertz for support in 1999.
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