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Re: Microsoft Bashing ( Cry Babies )

Give me a break
I don't think I have heard more crying and whining since I took my daughter to
nursery school 8 years ago. I honestly thought when I signed on to the TIG
that there would be informative information being passed back and forth, but
instead usually what I find here is a bunch of whining cry babies. Do you guys
not have anything else to talk about?????. I for one think there are people on
the TIG that would like to see this forum used for information and educational
purposes. If this is the way of the future please remove me from the TIG. I
have two small daughters and a wife at home, I can get all the complaining and
whining I need there.
Grow up guys

Rick Stephenson
Film Workers Club

Thanks to Evertz for support in 1999.
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