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Re: Re:BBC Delivery Standards

Neil Parker wrote:

> Robert Lund wrote:
> >The way I read the document, it specifies a 14x9 SAFE ACTION area for
> widescreen production, and a 4x3 SAFE GRAPHICS area for the same. This does
> NOT mean they broadcast action programming in 14x9, nor graphics programming
> in 4x3;
> >Right?
> Sorry Robert, but wrong. As someone who does work for a UK
> producer/broadcaster (not BBC) I can tell you your worst fears are true. The
> programmes are shot on film (or tape) as 16:9 with a 14:9 action safe area.
> They are "zoomed" on transmission to the compromise of 14:9 for the analogue
> service.

Well, I sit corrected. Not "fears", though, just that little voice inside
somewhere that said "oh, they wouldn't do THAT to the picture", when I
guess I
should have known better. After all, I saw enough elliptical soccer
balls on
16x9 displays in TV stores over there last year, with no salesman able
to tell
me what was going on, to know that they shoot in 4x3 and just stretch it by
1.33 to fill a widescreen display; if they'll do that, they'll go the other
way. But then, I'm not one of those "non-arty" viewers who automatically tunes
away from a letterboxed channel - all that tells me is that I'm getting the
whole picture, which shouldn't be a turn-off.
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